Life is comprised of relationships. From parents to siblings, classmates to the workplace and beyond, we experience our lives in the context of relationships.  As humans, we are naturally social both wanting and needing people in our lives.  Providing both context and meaning, our relationships give quality and texture to our lives.  Attesting to their importance, world-wide, the single most important variable attributed to life-satisfaction is having a confidant.  


Having a confidant is critical to our wellbeing.  When we share what is going on, the power of difficult situations decrease, sometimes a little, sometimes by a lot.  Beneficial in a number of ways, the act of confiding demonstrates to ourselves that we are important, important enough to make the effort to be heard, to be attended to.  In the same way,  when someone takes the time to listen, we know that person values us.  We know that what we are going through and how we are feeling matters.  

For as social as we are, relationships are not always easy.  Multiple variables are at play.  For starters, we all have different experiences, interests, points of reference, and temperaments.  Unlike the classroom or office where merit is based on performance, relationships are evaluated quite differently.  In order to be socially skillful, we have to be able to perceive and process multiple variables simultaneously.  We need to be able to access how we are impacting others, and make adjustments accordingly.    Kindness, consideration, taking an interest in others, being patient, and allowing people to be who they are without judgement are among the qualities that support positive, healthy relationships.   

Figure-out How to Communicate With Others - with Tony Grigsby

Given the tremendous impact relationships can have upon us, it is absolutely critical that we make good choices and carefully select the company we keep.  Nothing good comes of bad company.  While finding that good company may take some effort, if you remain open and willing to take the initiative, there will likely be someone eager to respond in kind because, after all, it is our nature to need and want to engage in the wonderful exchange of relationships.

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