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In order to have a sense of well-being, we need to be able to fund our lives with ease.  Marketable skills, living within our means, and anticipating future financial scenarios are essential to enjoying financial peace of mind. 

Using a few basic bookkeeping and accounting skills, we can keep track of our income and our spending.  As we set goals and make adjustments to fulfill them, we acquire financial discipline, an essential life skill that supports our wellbeing.


Money - “We need to be able to fund our lives with ease.”

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It is good to spend money, it gives people livelihoods; however, it is critical that we spend it responsibly.

In order to manage our financial affairs, investment banker Neil Dabney encourages us to develop marketable skills and basic accounting skills. 

Basic Things To Think About As You Prepare To Enter the Work Force and Assume Financial Independence - Interview with Investment Banker, Neil Dabney.

In her interview, Saving Money, financial expert Jeannine Keckeisen offers suggestions on how to construct a budget and build savings.
Saving Money - Interview with Jeannine Keckeisen 

Personal Tools to Help You With Your Personal Finance Provided by U.S. Government:

College Budget Calculator
Housing Counselor
Mortgage Payment Reduction Estimator
Sales Tax Deduction Calculator
Savings Planner 
Student Loan Repayment Estimator



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