Are you trying to decide what career to pursue?  Check out  It’s a simple, 3-step program to help you make this very important decision.  What’s uniquely special about it is the inventory of over 100 audio interviews with people from every occupation who share their insights about working in their respective fields.

Below, listen to what a few experts have to say about effective resume writing, interview preparation, and the importance of keeping open-minded.

With 25% of our lives spent at work, a good fit with work contributes to a good fit with life.  Making a thoughtful career choice, having adequate preparation, reasonable expectations, a grateful attitude and being service-minded make for a winning combination.  Work offers: 

  1.   A means to financial independence

  2.   A platform to contribute to other people’s lives

  3.   A vehicle to develop ourselves

Success in the Workplace

Work - “A good fit with work contributes to a good fit with life.”

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Did you know that a positive attitude is more closely associated with work-satisfaction than occupation, position or income?  Appreciating the broader function of work helps us to approach it with right understanding and right attitude; and when we do, work can be immensely enriching and gratifying.  Rather than wait for work to bring happiness to our lives, it works much better to bring our happiness to work.  Being service-minded helps us to take pleasure in our service to others, and that returns to us in a sense accomplishment, and very likely, surrounds us with grateful, happy people.  Valuing ourselves and our contributions is the foundation of self-respect.   

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