Understanding the conscious nature of our lives invites us to be more attentive to opportunities and to recognize the impact of our choices.  Thus, a worthwhile goal is to consciously, actively direct personal growth such as to enjoy a robust sense of wellbeing, life satisfaction and personal fulfillment.”  In other words, it is Living With Purpose.

Personal Growth - Persistence in Excellence


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Living with Purpose


kathryn england

Tips for an Effective, Fulfilling Life

Personal growth is a life-long pursuit.  As we move through life, new aspects of ourselves are revealed.  Our interests and priorities shift, talents emerge, and values are refined.  Each new situation gives us yet another opportunity to observe ourselves and to see our strengths and tendencies.  By paying attention to who we are, what we are doing, how we are doing them, and by seeing their results, we learn the connection between our thoughts, actions, and our circumstances.  We can also learn from observing the lives of others, what they do and what results they either suffer or enjoy.  Equipped with this valuable feedback, we can continuously adjust our approach to life, set new intentions, and refocus our efforts.  Directing our personal growth in this way helps us to reach our goals and feel empowered in our own lives.

Personal growth is a process by which we direct our attention and efforts to enhance understanding and effectiveness.  Through intentional effort, we increase awareness of ourselves, and others.  Our commitment to learning broadens and deepens our perspective, sharpens judgment, and makes us skilled in the arts of discipline and responsiveness.  Applying these personal skills to every aspect of our lives, we are attentive to our choices and thoughtful in our actions.  Pausing to consider likely outcomes, we approach all areas of our lives, including our intimate relationships, parenting, work, care of our minds and bodies, management of money, and use of time, with awareness of our values, priorities, and long-term goals.  Contemplating what we do and how we do it, we examine the results and make adjustments to our approach and lifestyles accordingly.  Through love of self, we assume personal responsibility for who we are and what we make of our lives.

Engaging in our own personal growth, helps us to know ourselves.  Maturing our understanding, it helps us to recognize the value of life and the opportunities that life presents.  It helps us to reach our potential so that we can offer our best to ourselves and to our communities.

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is a life-long pursuit.



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