Love connects us in a positive way to life.  Elevating our feelings toward people, places, and things, love fills us with a sense of well-being.  And while we express our love, we infuse our own selves with love. 

Love is so powerfully important, it influences our daily thoughts, feelings and behaviors, how, and with whom we spend our time.  Love can be transforming, and a source of motivation.  Love can make challenges less burdensome, and be a powerful platform for learning. 

Recognizing the importance of love can prompt us to become more attentive to it, and better vehicles for it.  As our capacity expands, so too does our experience of well-being.


There are four major types of love:  love of self, love of partner, love of child, and love of others or universal love.  All forms of love require two essential elements:  respect and value. 

When we value a person, place, or thing, we take the time to know it, to understand it, and we make provisions for its needs so that it can enjoy continued growth and well-being.  Whether we are referring to our own self, sibling, classmate, colleague, coworker, neighbor, partner, child, parent, service provider, customer, the international community or our environment, when we regard people, places and things with value, we naturally treat them with respect.  Respect guides our attitudes and behaviors.




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