In addition to love, good mental health, adequate finances and general life knowledge and skills, successful parenting requires understanding and meeting the developmental needs of the child:  teaching values and morals, social and self-care skills, care of one’s belongings, environment, time and money, and ensuring the development of employable skills.

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In order for children to feel loved, they need to be adequately considered and responded to.  They need to be guided and protected, given adequate attention, affection, encouragement and validation; and, they need to be celebrated.  In other words, children need to be valued, and their needs need to be cared for.  It is by how children are treated, that they first learn of their value.  It is through engaging their interests, talents and aptitudes, that they develop their abilities and come to know successes.  So in addition to attending to the emotional, mental, and physical needs of a child, parenting involves helping the child to acquire the knowledge, skills, and motivation to manage their lives so that they can become independent adults who value themselves and others, and positively contribute to society. 

Supporting your success in parenting, specific strategies, techniques and insights are offered by those who have enjoyed success in the multifaceted aspects of parenting.

Becoming a Parent is the single largest change most people will make in life.

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